Download Aadhar Card By Enrolment Number

The Aadhar card is a unique digit number that is given to every person in India. It is centralized and general number for ID of an individual. These are cards are known to store the individual information in regards to an individual for the government database. This is progressively turning into the base of government for the general population welfares and administrations. This is one essential reason why Aadhar Card Download is vital. Therefore, one can download Aadhar card online by utilizing your Enrolment number; there are such a lot of ideas that can make one to download his/her E-Aadhaar card online without any charges.

Perhaps you haven’t gotten your Aadhaar card at your house yet, in this circumstance you can Download PDF document of Aadhaar online from Aadhaar card official site, since the authority GOVT site gives this free service of each web client, but you need to know the individual detail of your Aadhaar card that you are asking for download.

How to Download Aadhar Card Using Enrolment Number?

check out how to download aadhar card using enrolment number

There is a purpose why individuals apply for Aadhar card download on the web; it can either be they didn’t get it at their place or the correct location or it wasn’t right. You can download it from the site given by the central government, and subsequently, there will be a complete validation and no tricking. You can do the Aadhar card download quickly with these few stages utilizing your enrolment number:

Steps to Download Aadhar Card Using Enrolment Number (EID):

  1. Go to the official page dispensed for the Aadhar card by the central government for the Aadhar card download.
  2. There you will get two various choices as “Aadhar card Download utilizing enrolment number” or “Aadhar number.” There you have to choose the option of utilizing the enrolment number.
  3. After choosing that alternative, you will be needed to fill the information for your Aadhar card such as the “enrolment number,” PINCODE, Full name, the picture viewed in the box and conclusion your mobile number.
  4. After you have filled everything, you will get an OTP on the phone number that you enrolled for the aadhar card download.
  5. Next, enter this number in the specified part saying “Enter OTP” and press “Approve and Download”.
  6. This will create your Aadhar card download in a PDF format which thus can enable you to save. This PDF will be viewed and open just by you with the password, for example, your PINCODE.

The purpose behind the need of the Aadhar card download is apparent and furthermore, the number of advantages that one gets if they have the card. This is the most secure and better approach for controlling data between the government and the general population, and along these lines, we as a whole ought to know about it.


While applying for Aadhaar card, you will receive Enrolment ID to track your Aadhaar status on the web. Aadhaar is a digital document, which makes it the best asset. If you miss it, you can go to the authority UIDAI website and download a new Aadhaar card, and it is legitimate as the first one. You can download Aadhaar on the web if you have a decent web connection and Enrolment number or Aadhaar number.

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