How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online?

These days confirming your Aadhar card status online is one of the simplest activities. Immediately you have registered for your Aadhar card or have requested for any changes to your Aadhar card; you can confirm the Aadhar card status online by just going to the main Aadhar Portal which is the UIDAI entrance and key in a couple of information to receive your Aadhar card status.

check aadhar status online

Aadhar Card is currently one the most vital ID Proof for Indian people since It has pretty much every Information of Aadhar Holder. In this way, if you have not registered yourself in Aadhar Card do it quick. To receive Aadhar Card, you are required to Fill up Aadhar Application Form Online however ensure You give the correct data to keep away from any further Aadhar revision. Aadhaar is presently obligatory for some necessary activities, for example, recording income tax returns forms (ITRs). It is, in this manner, principal for Aadhaar holders to check and guarantee that their information given into the Aadhar database are precise.

In the chance that you need to confirm your Aadhar card status on the web, there is nothing to stress over. You can check your Aadhaar status online by following the procedure below.

How to Check Your Aadhar Card Status

  • To confirm your Aadhar card status, you have to key in your information on to the site.
  • Start with keying in your 12-digit Aadhar card digit; you will get this written in large text style on your card.
  • Next, you will be needed to key in the URN. This is the digit number which was given to you during the period you filled to roll out a few revisions on your Aadhar card status.
  • Tap on the ‘get Status’ button to get data on your Aadhar card status.
  • The Aadhar card status will be shown on the screen.

Statuses usually viewed

Below is the status you will receive When you are confirming for your Aadhar card status;

  • Under Review
  • Rejected
  • Successful

Reasons why your Aadhar card was Rejected:-

  • Failing to provide adequate documents
  • You submitted inaccurate information
  • Not filling the form correctly

This is nearly all that you have to know whether you’re stressed over your Aadhar card status if you are worried that your Aadhar card status demonstrated ‘Rejected,’ don’t stress yourself apply for a new Aadhar card and rehash the procedures. Aadhar card is a crucial ID in the present day.


The status of a person’s Aadhar card can be resolved promptly through the web by making utilization of the UIDAI’s online entryway and additionally through one’s cell phone using an SMS or instant message. The two strategies are free forms and are incredibly easy to utilize. Continuously be watchful, with regards to your Aadhar card and don’t approach any casual Cyber bistros since there have been details regarding fabrication. Always go to your closest Aadhar card center, Official Apps, and Websites of UIDAI for secure and Safe preparing.

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