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Like any other government, the Government of India uses the Aadhar card which is a residential twelve digit number as per unique Identification Authority of India formed in two thousand and nine. The document is different from one person to another because it contains the biometrics of each person which is unique for every person. The government of India has already covered the ninety-nine percent of the population on issuing of the Aadhar card which has been a success by use of online services. Use of the Aadhar card is the most successful word biometrics record process. The biometrics information taking need the ten fingerprints and the thumb of the two hands. Government has successfully controlled the process because once the biometric information is taken and the person has issued the twelve digit document, repeating the process of the second card is not possible because UIDAI already is monitoring your biometrics and this prevents the existence of uncertain data.

Eaadhardownload.com is the website page that deals with the issuing of the card online and answering the question that the citizen wants clarification about the process by use of modern technology. The world is working towards the use of paperless technology which means the e-Aadhaar is one of the modern technology being applied by Indian residents because is portable and the information is accessible by use of Smartphone, computer or any device suitable for the process. This blog guides on steps needed to complete the process online and get your twelve digit document. Like any other online application, this blog has articles shared for you to read and understand everything you need to know about e aadhar.

Unique Identification Authority of India website is where you access the portal for keying in the information. The first step requires the personal details and you need to click the circle of enrollment to ID because the E-Aadhar is the first step after the enrollment. The fourteen digit enrollment numbers or the Aadhar number is necessary the full names and the pin code as per the six-digit number given in the captcha image text. To complete the step one process clicks the get online time password. In the first step, the mobile number and the emails should be correct because the One Time Password is sent to the phone number given as a text message. To download the card you need to key in the OTP number and press validate and download the document. The E-Aadhar card is downloaded and you can print to get the Aadhar card. To access the e-Aadhar there is always password used for security purposes where pin code is used as the password. The Aadhar card is a document that requires an update which is either done online or of line.

To avoid confusion of Aadhar and e-Aadhar, the difference is that the Aadhar is touchable or physical document while the e-Aadhar is an online document. The two documents serve the same purpose.