Privacy Policy

Our UIDAI Website will not capture any explicit personal information from you such as; (name, telephone number or email address), that enables us to distinguish you independently.

We gather and incidentally store specific data regarding your visit for use in the management of the site and statistical reasons only. We gather and analyze this data since it encourages us to improve the design of our site to suit your requirements. We may as well immediately gather data regarding the web content you view in case of a known security or virus threats. This data comprises:

1. The Internet domain from which you get to our site;
2. The Internet Protocol (IP) address (a specific number for every PC linked to the Internet) from which you get to our site;
3. The kind of browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) used to get to our website;
4. The operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac OS, Unix) used to get to our website;
5. The date and time you visited our site;
6. The pages you have visited;
7. Downloaded files/documents
8. In the event that you accessed this site from another site, the URL of the forwarding website.

We make no endeavor to connect these addresses with the identity of people visiting our website except if a try to harm the site has been detected. We won’t know clients or their browsing activity, aside from when a law authorization office may practice a warrant to examine the service provider ‘s logs.

In case the UIDAI site asks for you to give personal data, you will be told for the specific purposes for which the information is collected and satisfactory safety efforts will be taken to secure your own information. UIDAI does offer or share any personal recognizable data volunteered on the UIDAI site to any outsider (open/private). Any data given to this site will be shielded from loss, misuse, unapproved access or exposure, change, or pulverization.


This is a small document that a site transfers to your PC to enable it to remember explicit data about your session while you are linked. Your PC will just impart the information in the cookies to the site that gave it, and no other site can ask for it. This site does not utilize cookies.
Email Management

Our sites enable you to send us an email. We will utilize the information you give to react to your request. We will just send you general information by means of email. You ought to be reminded that email may not really be secure against block attempt. Thusly, we recommend that you don’t send sensitive personal information to us by means of email. In the case that your expected email communication is extremely delicate or has information, for example, your bank
account, Mastercard, or Social Security number, you ought to rather send it through a safe website page, if accessible.

Collection of Personal Information

If you are requested to give any other Personal Information you will be told how it will be utilized if you give it. In the event that whenever you believe the standards referred to in this privacy statement have not been pursued, or have some other remarks on these principles, if it’s not too much trouble inform the Web Information Manager by sending email to

Note: The utilization of the term “Individual Information” in this security statement alludes to any data from which your personality is evident or can be sensibly learned.

Sensible Security Practices

We play it safe to shield your own data against loss, misuse and theft and unapproved access, revelation, adjustment, and destruction using suitable technical and organizational measures.