Student Desks are Making a Come Back

As I have been shopping around and looking at many student desks, one company really struck me as having a great selection and a variety of styles. And that is the Powell Company. Powell is an American company that has been around for just over 40 years, and is based out of Culver City, California. Though they design, import and distribute a variety of styles of furniture, one of the specialties is furniture for youth, and many of these furniture sets include small desks. Though they do not have their own specific manufacturing facility, they are extremely experienced sourcing manufacturer’s that focus on quality control, craftsmanship, finishing, and timely delivery.

Because of attention to the detail mentioned above, Powell Company has become a highly recognized name in the furniture industry for youth and accent furniture. Now as a global company, besides California, they have locations in China, Cebu and Brazil. With overseas operations, they are able to continue to ensure top quality sources, products and services.

The variety of styles of their student desks means that most anyone can find one to suit their tastes. Some come in fun colors with curved lines and optional hutches with cork boards, others are more modern in their lines and starker colors. Some styles are biurka młodzieżowe a flat surface like a table with one drawer for supplies, others have multiple drawers down one side or a small side cabinet. One or two of their models have pull out shelves for computer keyboards. They even have a nice wood student desk for those who prefer a more traditional look.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for a boy or girl, age 6 or 16, Powell Company has a small, student desk that is sure to please most any child. Desks have become more of a necessity for kids than it was at one time, especially with so much of their school work needed to be done on computers. Desks these days aren’t an optional piece of furniture, but more and more of a necessity.